LifeZette Website

Screenshot of the LifeZette homepage

Created a custom WordPress theme for that is supported by 9 additional custom plugins to extend the functionality of the CMS. Listed below:

  • The registering and management of JSON API endpoints for website content
  • Shortcode Rendering Engine for server side performance delivered to the mobile app
  • A Library of shortcodes to support the Editorial Staff’s enriched content needs
  • Fully SCSS’ed stylesheets with modularity across the mobile app as well
  • A plugin containing a library of methods for onboarding and managing new advertising partners on our platform
  • Engineered LifeZette’s video platform, synchronizing our WordPress database with a third party API for web and app playback
  • Designed, planned and coded LifeZette's mobile app built on the hybrid Ionic platform to support iOS and Android, including all graphics and icons
  • Full management of the build system, SVG and asset production and deployment process